Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I cant trust myself, I have always had a thing for a Lead Guitarist..." Ruby Tuesday

Andy Williams lead guitar, Killing For Company

This weekend I attended "The Gathering"  which is one of my favourite nights out of the year, not only am I treated to great live rock music, I also get to see a lot of my friends from the coast. Since we moved further into the hills and we have been seriously renovating our property, I have had little time for visiting.  Which is something I intend to change this year , in the mean time...
Thank you Facebook, for allowing me to stay, not only in contact, but up to date with their lives.

"The Gathering" is exactly how it sounds, it is a gathering of Alarm fans from all over the world, for a weekend the atmosphere is wonderful. Mike performs both evenings, usually acoustic on the Friday and then full volume, Rock and Roll on the Saturday.  The Gathering is now entering it's twentieth year, I have been fortunate to known Mike and his family, for fourteen of the those years and have become close friends.

Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Craig Aldridge and Steve Grantley 

I have to admit to being a part time Gatherer, a Saturday night only fan.  I love the Electric Guitar and for me that night is my favourite.  Although this year the set up was slightly different,  Mike is now lead singer of the 80's group "Big Country" who were performing on the Friday evening, along with a very exiting new band....
Which is now very much, my new favourite band, I am gutted that I missed hearing them play, the band is called "Killing for Company".
Sadly they lost their founder member, former drummer of the Stereophonics, Stuart Cable last summer.
I remember when I heard about the tragedy I was horror struck, as I have saved my own husbands life twice from exactly the same thing.  The band however are brilliant, I love their sound, from the dulcet tones of the lead singer Greg Jones, to the sexy lead guitarist Andy Williams ...
Whom I had the great pleasure to meet.

Please take a minute to listen to them, I promise you there will be no disappointment I have also linked their facebook page below if you would like to know more about them.

"Killing for Company"...RIP Stuart Cable

From my newest favourite band, to my very first favourite band "The Sex Pistols"..
I adored them, my parents  hated them.....So I adored them even more.
Too young to really have the nerve to be a proper punk.  As the daughter of a strict Irish catholic mother, my boundaries were tight,  but when I po-goed along with all the real punks, after sneaking into Liverpool and "Erics"...  I had never felt so free and so me.  I knew that was a rebel at heart and have remained so ever since, although mellowing with age, I still need a long lead.

The Sex Pistols...Glen Matlock far left

Glen Matlock has enjoyed a working relationship with Mike Peters of "The Alarm" for a few years now, when along with Kirk Brandon from the "Spear Of Destiny" and Billy Duffy of "The Cult" they performed under the name of "Dead Men Walking". 
He now has a new band, called" Glen Matlock and the Philistines" which includes "Alarm" lead guitarist, the lovely Mr James Stevenson they performed this Saturday evening, supporting "The Alarm", my friend and wife of James, Elizabeth Westwood who was famous for the track "Sonic Boom Boy" was their glamorous backing vocalist.

Liz Westwood

As the very willing designated driver, I thoroughly enjoyed this years event, as I can remember it all...
We all know that I have an obsession with Absolut.
My last post ... the one without words....the after effects were very apparent.  I have however since been on the wagon, my abstinence ( apart from a sneaky sharpener on Sunday, only because my mother was coming) has lasted nine days now and it feels good...so far

So from my first favourite Bass Guitar Hero
...Mr Glen Matlock himself

...to my newest favourite Lead Guitar Hero,
 Mr Andy Williams and he is Welsh 
Purrr .....
Get down Ruby!

"I can't trust myself I have always had a thing for a saxophone player" Sugar Kane 


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  2. Wow! That looks like a great night!

    The bass player is indeed lovely! Fab picture of Liz too. My best friend Spencer's uncle is Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols (far right in your pic). They're very alike.

    I'm glad you had a brilliant night. How funny that you remember it all! Love C xx

  3. Oh I love a lead guitarist too, in fact I've been dating one for 18 years.
    I loved The Alarm and don't know how many times I saw Big Country live, Stuart Adamson was such a loss. I'm definately off to check out that link. xxx

  4. Looking good RubyT. Looks like such a fun weekend, though I am so out of it I don't know any of these bands other than the Sex Pistols!

  5. Fabulous Post RT... Great seeing you there as well and finally meeting in person. xx

  6. Sounds like a brilliant evening!! So glad you had a great time .. you look great!!! HHL

  7. Hi Ruth, you look fabulous. I need someone to update me on what happened in the world of music from 1985 onward, the year I became consumed with career and child raising. Re-emerging at 52, I haven't got a clue what happened. We mostly listen to retro jazz, swing, classical and 70s rock. What's a good Pandora station to set on to catch up on bands 1985-2011?

  8. Wow, what a fantastic post. Our house is musical thanks to my husband and daughters. I am a lover of silence, as crazy as it might sound hehehehe.

  9. ooh how cool....and how groovy!!!

  10. What a great night. How cool is that?! And you look gorgeous.

    Love you!

  11. North West London Girl In the Country9 February 2011 at 12:05

    Love it, love them, love the sound. Bloody brilliant. I was a rebel. We used to sneak out saying we were doing homework at a friends and then we'd roll up to Wardour Street and head to the Marquee club (14-15yrs), nothing bad ever happened, I saw so many fantastic bands, it was my real education. xx

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